The DMVbrw Platform & Community Impact

Throughout history, one of the greatest unifiers of the community (i.e., socially and economically) has been around the culture of food. In modern times, that culture has best been represented by our restaurants and the diverse related eating establishments. When these businesses thrive in our neighborhoods and cities, they bring a strong and sustainable economic base for the entire DMV region.

We believe that [eating establishments] must also support the communities that support them because the community is a “shared” experience. For the community that shared experience includes quality education, good jobs, stable and affordable housing, etc. For the businesses, it means local government resources and support, professional development, and youth training just to name a few items.

While DMVbrw cannot address all of these elements of our society, what we can do is create a unique and unifying concept (i.e. “DMVbrw”) that heightens awareness of the more marginalized segments of our restaurant communities in a way that brings all sectors of our communities together in a way that benefits the collective.

DMVbrw does that by highlighting the area’s Black restaurant owners, managers, professionals, and staff and inviting our allied partners in the restaurant community to lock arms and ride the wave of success that will lift all of our boats. That’s our DMVbrw intention.

Since we are all in the DMV together, let’s lift each other up and express our collective spirit with support and celebration of our genuine love for our communities and… FOOD for good.