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We write an essay easily and correctly!

University teachers have enough imagination to distribute various types of creative work to students, one of them is an essay. Have you written an essay before? It's not scary, we'll show you how to do it right.

How to write an essay correctly?

In order to write and format an essay correctly, you need to understand the difference between an “essay” and an “essay”. Everyone wrote essays at school, most often it was a story about some kind of work of art, but in written form. An essay is not an essay. The difference between writing and essay is detailed here Remember! The essay reflects the style of the author, his emotionality and ease.

Writing an essay implies the stated thoughts of the author on the topic, the arguments given, the wording of the question. Yes, exactly the question. You can even find templates for writing an essay on the Internet, but it is better to start it with a question, and in the course of writing the whole work, give an answer to the question posed at the beginning. Thus, you will interest the teacher, who will check your essay or classmate. More information about this method of writing an essay is described in the article Do not complicate your life by adding a lot of scientific terms, complex and long incomprehensible phrases in an essay.

The purpose of writing an essay is to express your personal opinion on the topic, to prove or disprove the facts, to be able to correctly formulate, structure and convey your idea. But there is no need to list a bunch of scientific terms and concepts from all sources.

It is also important to understand the structure of the essay. And the structure is quite simple:

  • an introduction, but not as a separate chapter of three to five pages (as in a term paper or a thesis), but two or three paragraphs in which you need to state the relevance of the essay topic, briefly write the purpose of the essay;

  • the main part - an excerpt of a creative work, where the author needs to write a personal opinion on the topic, formulate the theses and give a worthy argument with facts, draw up a conclusion to each thesis;

  • conclusion - summarizing whether the goal of writing an essay has been achieved. When you wrote the conclusion to the essay, you coped with the task of the teacher.

You can read more about each item in this article

Of course, when working on an essay, you need to rely on scientific facts, but do not miss your own thought and opinion among science.

Julissa Ware

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