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Mission Statement

As a local business, DMVbrw is an advocate for the growth of the community as the bulwark of social enterprise. We believe that sustained community growth in its fullest happens when everybody has access to resources, services, education, and training.

Our mission is to increase the awareness of black-owned restaurants and food service providers through professional development and education while creating an ecosystem to support and sustain the community.  This is done through the following

  • Create awareness and understanding of shared community values

  • Provide support and resources available to all in the restaurant industry

  • Deliver education for current and future community stakeholders

  • Access to professional development and training for area youth

  • Curate opportunities to celebrate the uniqueness of the DMV through the culture of FOOD.

2018 was our launch year. We celebrate coming together, a new awareness of the black restaurant community in the DMV and all of us growing, learning, and prospering together. DMVbrw continues to extend its reach and advance its motto of CULTURE. EDUCATION. GOOD FOOD!!

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